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Ad- and Spyware

Article (june 7, 2005) translated from, a Dutch news website.

Internet users need to be careful with spy-ware.

The Hague, NL - Internet users need to be careful with spy-ware, that is installed on their computer without their approval. This type of software, known as spy-ware, collects information about computer users and their computers. The warning came from the Safe Internet Foundation (SIF), who signal a strong increase of spy-ware infections.

SIF is an independant foundation that promotes safe internet use. Managing Director Peter van der Wel reports a strong increase of the number of reports on spy-ware over the last few weeks. "This year, 40 percent of the reports is about spy-ware. last year, there were hardly any reports."

Spy-ware is a breach of privacy of the computer user. "Internet providers cannot block spy-ware as easy as they can block spam or viruses. Additionally, the authors of spy-ware continuously create new ways to prevent removal of their software." A quick poll by the SIF shows the average time needed for spyware removal is about 2 hours.

According to the SIF, the increase in infections is caused by the increasing profitability of sending advertisements. "Due to the increase in 'always-on' broadband, the 'targets' for infections have increased. And when the battle against spam is gaining succes, malicious Internet entrepeneurs are looking for new ways to make money.

Free software like Ad-Aware and Spy-bot can detect and remove the majority of spy-ware.

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